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The Cure Michigan Headquarters for drug and alcohol testing and substance abuse prevention and treatment. Located yards from a CATA bus stop.   We also offer mobile drug testing where we come to you - no more lines, transportation issues, and being treated poorly.  We will also offer AA, NA, and support group meetings.

Cure Michigan and the Cure Michigan Foundation is a "one stop shop" for substance abuse prevention and treatment.  We offer services throughout mid-Michigan, Lansing, and Ingham County.  Cure Michigan offers PBT and urinalysis drug testing for courts and employers.  Our office will also offer legal services and counsel for clients and their families, case finding, substance abuse counseling, and peer-recovery coaching.

We will also offer a Psychiatrist, General Physician, therapists, counselors, evidence-based treatment, clinical and case management, recovery support programs, vocational and job placement services, yoga, acupuncture, therapy animals, services for people suffering from PTSD, and on-site childcare.

Cure Michigan will soon offer a first-class inpatient recovery experience, allowing their family and loved ones to participate in their recovery at the client's discretion.  We will also offer separate therapy and support groups for family members and loved ones.  Cure Michigan will continue by offering intensive outpatient programs, regular outpatient therapy, and short-term specialized programs because we know every patient requires different, specialized needs.